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Soy un Cerdito/ I am a piggy

Eva Santana / Carmen Saldaña
Ed. Flamboyant
+3 yrs

Another recommendation is “I Am a Piggy”, a book that will make you laugh as it takes us through hygiene and the consequences of not having it. In each page of the book, this child compares his habits with an animal describing gross situations. He imitates these animals because they take care of themselves this way and they are happy, but at the end he wonders why everyone runs away from him.

For little ones, this book allows them to see that their actions have consequences. In the case of this child, his lack of hygiene keeps everyone away from him. Imagine our smell if we don’t bathe, roll in the mud, eat our boogers and eat with our hands……

An interesting detail is that on the opposite pages we see the illustrations of the animals behaving within perfect social norms.

This little one justifies his actions by saying that animals live in peace and happiness without doing what society asks of humans. But is is clear that there is a reason why we are not animals, but human beings..

The consequence of his action is loneliness because he is not behaving in a socially acceptable manner.  

It is worthwhile to imagine how it would be to arrive to school like the child in the story. What would you think would happen? How would people welcome you?

It is important to express to little one that hygiene is not only a way to get others to play with us, but also about our health. What happens if we do not brush our teeth? What happens if we eat with our hands? This book is recommended for the little piggys at home!