Abrapalabra was born in 2010 to redefine the concept of children’s libraries as spaces in which children learn by playing. It was positive that La Paz had two public children’s libraries at the time, but neither had the necessary conditions to effectively attract children to reading. The most important thing was to find a worthy space which would attract children’s attention and transport them into the marvelous world of books.

We consider reading one of the most important activities in life and we cannot deny reading to our future generations due to a lack of access to books. Our city, like many others, is located far away from the largest cities and cultural centers. We cannot assume that our community can easily access an interesting variety of literature. Besides, it cannot be forgotten that books are expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to have a book in one’s hand.

Library Abrapalabra Revolucion
The first Abrapalabra library opened its doors on February 27, 2010 on Revolution and Juarez, inside the Tenaja Holdings building. Since then, we have worked self-sufficiently, generating the first community of child readers in the city. We not only promoted reading, but also friendships and teamwork of children and families thanks to their constant visits to the library.

Calle Revolucion on the corner of Juarez, inside La Galeria.

Monday-Friday 3:30-7:30pm
Saturday: 10:00-1:00 pm

Library Abrapalabra Fanlap
In Abrapalabra Fanlap, located in the marginalized neighborhood of Laguna Azul, we work hand in hand with the Foundation for Helping Children in La Paz (FANLAP). In places with no other recreational alternatives and deep social and economic problems, the creation of children’s libraries that offer another view of the world and reinforce the value of education is even more necessary. Since February 2015 we have been reaching children in this community and are a fundamental part of changing the lives of the children that spend their afternoons with us.

Calle Rio Grande, between Rio Jordan and Rio Nilo.

Monday-Friday, 2:30-6:30 pm

Abrapalabra Science
Located in Calle Miguel Legaspi 443, between Aquiles Serdan and Guillermo Prio, the doors of Abrapalabra Cientifica opened in March 2015. The objective was to give a space where children could be exposed to science and have the opportunity to learn and practice it in depth. In the first phase, we had workshops with experiments exploring the scientific method and the investigation of ecology, geology, archeology, astronomy, biology and physics. In actuality, the library is now also a space for Lego robotics workshops offered to the children of La Paz.

Calle Legaspi 790 entre Serdán y Guillermo Prieto
Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday y Miércoles, 4:30-6:00 pm

Abrapalabra Centenario
This Library is born from the need to expand our program in other areas of the city, for children that are not able to reach our libraries in the downtown center. The Centenario community had asked for a library so that their children could spend the afternoon in a safe space. Thanks to the support of the state Department of Integral Family Development we were able to turn an old storage space into the fourth Abrapalabra Library on June 2017.

Calle Márquez de León, El Centenario

Hours: Monday-Friday, 3:00-7:00 pm

Abrapalabra La Piedad Michoacán

In July 2017, we opened our first library outside of Baja California Sur. The Secretary of Social Development, SEDESOL, learned about our work in La Paz and invited us to replicate it the Community Center Manuel Gomez Morin in the municipality of La Piedad in the state of Michoacan. This project proved to us that Abrapalabra can be replicated anywhere and function successfully.

Centro de Desarrollo Comunitario Manuel M. Gómez Morín.
Colonia Juárez. La Piedad, Michoacán.

Monday to Friday 2:30-6:30

Abrapalabra 8 de Octubre
The sixth library, Abraplabra 8 de Octubre, was opened in February 2018. Like the community of Centenario, this community stated the need for an Abrapalabra library. This space is adjacent to the orphanage Casa Hogar that belongs to the state’s Department of Integral Family Development (DIF). Abrapalabra provides library service to the community’s children and DIF supported the development of the space and furnishings of the library.

Centro Comunitario 8 de Octubre. Entrada por Calle Sierra de la Victoria, entre Forjadores y San Pedro Mártir. Tras de Casa Cuna.

3:30-7:30 pm

Library Programs in Rural Boarding Schools in Baja California Sur
In September 2017, in collaboration with the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education, SEP, in Baja California Sur the project of Mobile Rural Libraries was set into motion. The goal was to offer to children residing in rural boarding schools in the state a collection of books and a curriculum of activities that develops conversation around each of the books.

Robotics program and Reading Comprehension with Legos at Schools
In January 2017, our team was trained on how to use the LEGO tools as part of our education programs. Strengthening reading comprehension and offering a robotics program at public schools that have low academic performance is the goal of this program. This initiative was possible thanks to the support of the Dalio Foundation.

We live in a society where science and technology occupy a critical place in our everyday life. Children are naturally curious and we want to challenge them to access and understand their surrounding universe and feel satisfied in doing so.” CEO Abrapalabra, Angela Maria Rosales.