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Who we are

Abrapalabra A.C es unais a non-profit/civil society organization in La Paz, Baja California Sur, which began in 2010 with the objective of bringing children closer to reading in a playful and fun manner. We offer spaces for book discovery and science development through our libraries, workshops in public schools and a reading program in the state’s boarding schools.

Our experiences have confirmed for us that it is not enough to offer books to children, which is the case in the majority of our public libraries. On the contrary, during the first years of life adults reading aloud to children is indispensable, generates an environment to have conversations about books, and invites activities that increase the child’s reading comprehension and awakens his or her curiosity.

We are convinced that reading is an activity that should be enjoyed. The habit of reading is formed starting in the first years of infancy when children see the book – even if they do not read – as a source of fun and enjoyment. Book must not be viewed as a punishment or that reading is something children must be forced to do. Reading must always be presented as a pastime that allows one to travel and to get to know places, situations and unforeseen characters. The formula is simple: Children return to our libraries because they have fun while learning!


To offer the children of Mexico a space to discover books in a playful and fun manner, with activities that promote literacy and science development.



To become a national model of forming young readers through our program of promoting literacy.