Yo Voy Conmigo/I will go with myself

Raquel Díaz Reguera
Thule Ediciones
+6 años

We love this book for many reasons: it delicately addresses the topic of self love, its illustrations are beautifully symbolic, and it demonstrates the positive value of being different. It is clear that we are all different, but is it worth it to change the best in us to have someone like us? Really worth it?

With these questions, the author opens a door to talk about self love and the importance of loving who we are and to be respected.

At the beginning of the book, the girl has birds in her house and it is full of color. Each time the protagonist lets go of a characteristic to be liked by Martin – the boy she likes – a bird leaves the nest on her head and flies to a faraway place. The birds represent the things that make her unique and also symbolize the freedom of showing who we are. As we stop being ourselves, we lose a little bit of us in an effort to be liked by others…

The theme of this book gives us an opportunity to ask children if it is necessary for us to lose our “colors” to be liked by others. At the end, the only person that needs to like who you are is you: “Now I know I go with myself and I look and see myself”…The girl is not looking at Martin and looking at him is no longer necessary or important. She is looking at herself and she likes what she sees. And we just fell in love with her, and her glasses and her clothes and pigtails.